Toy houses for senior move manager.

Working Through Downsizing

When I was interviewed on a talk-radio show recently, I explained why, when it comes to downsizing as part of a senior move, it’s important to start early and start small. I suggested beginning work in a backstage area, such as the attic or basement. It’s a good place to start because there is early progress and that is a motivator.

The interviewer, a financial advisor, asked about passing personal belongings to family. Family members often have full households themselves, or are just not interested. Younger generations usually aren’t interested in china dinner service, so I suggested that a small dessert plate or a vegetable bowl might be appropriate.

Linda Dunn, Senior Move Manager


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In regard to furniture, such as the dining room table and hutch cabinet, I explained that the antiques and big brown furniture of the past are not trendy now, but can be repurposed with fashionable Chalk Paint, although Mid-Century modern furniture is a current trend.

After personal belongings have been distributed to family members, other items can be sold through an estate sale, or consignment. Highly valuable items should be appraised by a certified appraiser.

Items not sold can be distributed through charitable donation, and it’s often necessary to do some research regarding distribution of specialty items.

"I am so happy with her. She is efficient and fast, and has had an intrinsic understanding of my value of the belongings we are dealing with."
Flower illustration.

The hour-long talk show went by quickly, and I was grateful to share my perspective.

In closing, I praise those who are proactive with their personal transition, making good decisions and feeling in control. A planned move is better than a crisis move.

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