Happy retired couple after downsizing.

What’s Downsizing All About?

Downsizing, when done correctly, is better described as rightsizing, which means converting to a more optimum size. This is often the first step in a senior relocation process, but it’s important to realize that downsizing does not necessarily mean getting rid of a lot of stuff. It actually means converting to an appropriate or optimum size.

Options to rightsizing your relocation might start with passing family heirlooms down to younger generations. This could mean giving something treasured to someone who will appreciate it. Perhaps a nephew would really like to have an antique radio or old clock. A granddaughter would love to have china or cut glass. A daughter would like to take some photographs and make albums for each child and grandchild.

Thinking about your new residence

Now it’s time to think about your residence and what will work best there. Measurements are taken for furniture that will be moved. Perhaps a family member would like to have the dining room table and china cabinet. It could be fun to purchase a new drop-leaf table and small curio cabinet for some favorite things that would fit better in the new space.

Sometimes the ideal situation is to take everything that’s appropriate to the new space. Or maybe an estate sale company would like to help you sell most of it, with a large selection of items for interested buyers. Perhaps an auctioneer might pick up some high-end items, such as valuable artwork, antiques, or collectibles. As Senior Move Managers we can help you with these big decisions.

Helping others while downsizing and rightsizing

I emphasize donation to bring some of the best feelings of rightsizing. We have the opportunity to help underprivileged people succeed. Perhaps clothing could help someone with a job interview to change their life. Food donations help feed the hungry. Churches, charitable organizations, and employment offices are looking for donations to help people in need. Books could be donated to a school or help a library expand.

"I had never heard of a moving specialist before. I now know how blessed we are to have found you and truly feel that you are an angel on earth."
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In some cases, an auctioneer might pick up what’s left and sell at an auction with other estate items. A clean-out service and a home stager could prepare to put the house up for sale.

Don’t wait until decisions are made beyond your control

The best-case scenario is that you are prepared and in control to make your own decisions. Don’t wait until a health condition or other issue beyond your control forces these decisions on you.

DunnRite Transitions helps with referrals throughout this process. More importantly for the senior, our Senior Move Managers help relieve stress and reduce the overwhelming stress of relocating. DunnRite Transitions helps the movers place furniture by creating a floor plan and indexing boxes to make everything easier for settling in. Everything in its proper place, beds made, food in the refrigerator, and the welcome mat out.

Let us know how we can help you

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