Old photos and binoculars - downsizing.

What Does a Successful Senior Move Look Like?

A successful senior move can include a lot of memories, such as photos, movies, needlework, memorabilia, and more. The good thing is that these items have been enjoyed for years. Perhaps the family would like to have memorabilia to pass on to their children.

Photos, slides, and movies can be digitized and saved to be viewed on computers and digital frames. A five-minute 8mm movie from my mother and father’s wedding day was digitally transferred and shared on Facebook. This five minutes brought much joy to me, and to my friends and family who enjoyed seeing it.

Linda Dunn, Senior Move Manager


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The best-case scenario is that the most important items will fit in the new residence. As a senior move manager, I measure furniture and prepare a floor plan to ensure that everything will fit. Personal belongings are evaluated to make sure that they bring joy and are appropriate.

What is left can be sold in an estate sale or on consignment. Donation is a “win-win” because the senior can divest items that are no longer needed to the new residence and can be acquired by those who cannot afford to purchase new.

"Because of your dedication and hard work our move from Tennessee to Bloomington, IL went without a hitch."

The best “win-win” scenario is a happy client in the new residence, and happy senior move managers. This was the case with Mr. Smith moving from the family home to a retirement community to be close to his family. His children each took family photos and memorabilia to share with their children. I packed up his personal belongings and appropriately marked and indexed boxes. A Senior Move Management company unpacked boxes and got everything settled in one day.

See the testimonials from his daughter, Lori Ashford and Bret Haas, Let’s Move Client Support Specialist.

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