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My husband and I (in our mid-and late-seventies) were overwhelmed by selling our house in the middle of nowhere in southeastern TN and looking for  a Senior Living Community in the central VA area. I was a little panicked about my husband’s policy of never throwing anything away and his collections of things he loved but never used or wore.

The prospective move was overwhelming to us especially when never expected to have to move again when we moved to the forest in TN. Life happens! We (mostly me) were working toward this move for about 2 years and I had been preparing by getting rid of things, giving things away and trying to get things organized.

I tried to get my husband’s cooperation and help but his resistance was fierce and firm. I was not allowed to take any action with anything that was his or had come to us through his family. I noticed that the old folks’ communities sometimes offered downsizing seminars and went online looking for such a thing nearby. Of course there was nothing being offered at the time but I saw ads for something called a “senior move specialist,” “manager,” or “coordinator,” or “organizer” and some of them had some kind of training and membership in a service organization called NASMM.

Our house was already sold and I sure didn’t want to pay movers to move things never used or even looked at for sometimes 40 years. I felt way too old and physically limited to handle this move at all, I contacted NASMM licensed “Dunnrite Transitions,” Linda Dunn, from somewhere around Knoxville which was the closest city to me (70+) miles.

Her web site worked! Others did not! A site where I left a “contact me” message finally emailed me more than a week later. Other sites just wouldn’t take the info and didn’t work at all.

But I was lucky and Linda Dunn contacted me right away and told me to expect a call and when. She followed through very quickly and came out to talk to me the day she called! It is so far that I really had not expected anyone to agree to come to my location. She did.

We talked; she saw what we had to move and understood the situation. We scheduled a couple of work sessions right away. We needed to get rid of a LOT of stuff, (many trips to the dump and places where we donated things), give a few things away, sell some antiques, sell some ordinary stuff at auction; and move some things to a separate location.

Linda’s very 1st phone call was worth her fee! She told me things I would never have known and had ideas I had never considered. I felt that she could really be of great assistance. The whole move was greatly simplified and I felt assured we could really do it after one meeting. And the woman WORKS hard by side with us or when we couldn’t she worked alone.

Every now and again a review and evaluation of what we had accomplished and where we needed to go took place. She got things organized and we moved swiftly toward the goal. Linda worked closely with my husband in particular to help him part with things.

When she needed to be firm she could do it. She went on a previously planned vacation and went to help someone else move but she was constantly in touch with us and kept every promise she made. She scheduled the mover with our input and worked out the contract with them. She scheduled another NASMM group to help on the other end at our Sunnyside apartment and worked with the marketing and move-in department at Sunnyside.

The move went perfectly thanks to Linda Dunn’s attentiveness to detail, prompt responses and efficient communications. Yes, there were last minute problems. She helped keep it all under control. She even helped us a little to deal with the logistics of moving two cats!

I was really amazed at the whole atmosphere around our move. Linda helped create the feeling of assurance that everything would work out and it did. We sent a lot of items to an auction house (a part of the Moving Company, “Green Valley”) that will be stored and sold after the 1st of the year so the whole thing is not over yet, nor is our new apartment fully hooked up yet but everything is going just fine and I’m sure it will continue that way.

The positives of our move are greatly due to Linda Dunn and Dunnrite Transitions.

Linda Dunn Senior Move Manager

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