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Senior Move Managers in the News

As Senior Move Managers and downsizing specialists, we know that downsizing can be an overwhelmingly difficult undertaking. Seniors moving to a smaller residence face demanding emotional and physical tasks. Staying in your home may dictate downsizing, or decluttering for safety reasons, while looking forward to a future move. A recent article in “The New York Times” portrays this stressful situation, along with a viable solution: senior move management.

Senior Move Managers are much more than movers

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has grown to nearly one thousand members helping seniors in transition, either moving or “aging in place.” Donating, selling, shipping to family members, as well as disposal are solutions to this challenging situation. If a person is moving, Senior Move Managers offer referrals to movers, real estate agents, estate resellers, and more. Taking pictures, measuring furniture, preparing a floor plan, packing and unpacking relieves stress for seniors during a move.

Adult children may not live nearby or may not have the time to help with the many tasks related to a senior transition. But with a Senior Move Manager helping with all the details, the transition is not only easier for the senior, but also much easier for family members who can’t be there to help.

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in preparing my mother for her move from Tennessee to New Jersey."
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As a trusting relationship develops between a client and the Senior Move Manager, the client comes to appreciate objective and open-minded assistance, making the transition less stressful. Take a look at our testimonial page to see what we mean.

A planned move is better than a crisis move. Proactive planning is so much better than waiting for a situation caused by ill health or death of a spouse.

I invite you to read examples of seniors in transition in this expertly written article from the New York Times. 

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