Linda Dunn is a Senior Move Manager

Senior Move Manager Passion and Purpose

I didn’t start out to be a Senior Move Manager. My passion started with helping family. Both grandmothers and my dad aged gracefully in their own homes until a crisis happened. The transition began, not so gracefully, but I was there to help. There was a flood of emotions sorting through memorabilia, photographs, and so many personal items. It was hard to separate sentiment from logic. I wanted to take everything home with me, even my grandfather’s saws, which I had no use for. I saved treasures that brought me joy. Logic ruled, so furniture and stuff was sold or donated, and houses prepared to be sold.

The transition to assisted living was personalized for my family, mostly with photographs of loved ones and personal items that were reminiscent of a life well-lived, and regular visits.

The Senior Move Management industry transformed my passion to purpose. As I became certified to work with older adults in transition, my conviction fueled my enthusiasm and determination.

Each client’s situation is unique with special needs. The initial home visit allows me to identify those needs and help make a plan for a successful transition.

"So, I’m writing with our heartfelt thanks for your dedication, superb organizational skills and incredible efficiency. You made an overwhelming process doable, and we are still marveling at how quickly his move went."
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My first client taught me so much about tailor-making a transition to fit the needs. Timing was important to ensure control. Much thought and debate was given to moving her Steinway grand piano, but it was so important in her life.

I help families preserve the legacies of their loved ones, and that gives me joy.

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