Proud to Be a Senior Move Manager

Linda Dunn - Owner DunnRite Transitions

Hello, I’m Linda Dunn. I’m a Senior Move Manager and the owner of DunnRite Transitions. We specialize in helping people through moves and other transitions, along with downsizing and rightsizing.

Several years ago, my grandmother died at the age of 101. Honored to have been appointed as her guardian during her final years, my responsibilities included her general welfare and her finances. At the same time, I also looked after my father in his final years. My other grandmother lived next door to my father, and while she was self-sufficient, considering her age, I looked after her personal affairs, too.

The silver lining of those years was a great appreciation for personal legacy. Carefully sorting through possessions – family memoirs and heirlooms – was a process – donating, selling, and discarding. Three houses were staged, and three houses were sold.

Becoming a senior move manager was a new way to help others

A few years later I moved to Tennessee, not far from Knoxville, and a friend introduced me to the National Association of Senior Move Managers – and I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of this new idea of helping seniors in the process of downsizing and relocation.

My guardianship experiences gave me confidence that I could make a positive difference in the lives of people who may never have needed much help before, but who now found themselves needing more help than ever before.

"We will ALWAYS REMEMBER your prompt & eager response to help me in sorting through Mother's house."

My first client as a Senior Move Manager reinforced my passion through the process of downsizing, rightsizing, and relocating. When moving day came, our work and planning paid off. Her prized Steinway grand piano was gently picked up and moved a thousand miles away with no problems. Boxes were labeled and indexed, and the movers used our floor plan as a guide for furniture placement.

Most rewarding for me was the time we spent putting together an album of photographs taken during her lifetime as a concert pianist – a lovely tribute for her family to treasure always.

Doing whatever it takes

My goal is to do whatever it takes for successful transitions that result in peace of mind and happiness for my clients. For you.

Getting organized is not just about the “the stuff.” And downsizing can be overwhelming. But with proper care, these major changes can result in a free and light feeling – as if a burden has been lifted – while honoring a lifetime of treasured memories and possessions.

I look forward to helping you or your loved one with your own personal transition.

Let us know how we can help you

We look forward to helping you or your loved one with any personal transitions.

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