Testimonial From Peggy Alperin


Dear Linda,

I wanted to write a letter to let you and anyone else who is thinking of hiring you know how amazing you are. My daughter in law is the person who found you and she sure knows how to pick them. My sister in law and I did not live near by, and both of us have full time jobs. If it weren’t for you, my mother in law a very spry 87 year old would not have been able to clear out and pack up her house for the move to New Jersey to be near her daughter. When you started, the original intent was to have both my in laws move, but unfortunately Irving passed away a few months before we were able to make this move happen.

You did your job, and in the process became a dear friend to Mimi and a liaison to Lori and me. You kept us abreast of what was going on and what still needed to be accomplished. You not only did the sorting and packing, but also helped Mimi with her bills and the sometimes overwhelming task of mounds of paperwork from just day to day living and information that had to be gone through from the passing of Irving.

Helping someone downsize is a monumental task and something that you did above and beyond our expectations. You helped Mimi sell items that she no longer needed or had room to move – which also gave her some needed extra money. You found someone to purchase the old sewing machine from their embroidery business. You found places to donate food, clothing and other items that would be used by many other less fortunate people and give my mother in law a good feeling about giving up her possessions. You helped organize where everything would be placed in her new apartment, and even took many of her framed pictures, removed them from their bulky frames, and put them all together in an album that she can display and visit over and over.

I had never heard of a moving specialist before. I now know how blessed we are to have found you and truly feel that you are an angel on earth. You certainly were all of our guardian angel. If anyone is considering getting someone to assist them in downsizing for any reason whether they have just accumulated a lifetime of items, or like my mother in law moving across the country. They would be extremely lucky to have you help them.

My sincere gratitude,

Peggy Alperin
Danvers, MA

Linda Dunn Senior Move Manager

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