Our Senior Move Services

Senior Move Managers are experts at packing.

It’s important to know that DunnRite Transitions is much more than a moving company. We are Senior Move Managers and downsizing specialists. We are not the ones who pick up your furniture and other possessions, and move everything from one residence to another.

Moving companies can do a good job of that, but they do an even better job when you employ us as your Senior Move Manager because we make sure everything is done correctly and on schedule.

With gentle and expert guidance, we stay with you from the beginning stages of planning your move, with downsizing if necessary, all the way to the end. It’s a fact that moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. We know that, and we understand how disconcerting the stress and chaos of a major move can be.

If you need help interviewing and selecting a moving company, we know what to look for, and will guide you to the right choice. Our interest is not in getting the job for any particular moving company – our interest is in choosing the mover that will be best for you and your situation.

When it comes to preparing your furniture, packing your prized possessions, and knowing what to do with items you may no longer need or may not have room for in your new residence, our expert packers and move-preparation specialists will be there to help.

"I am so happy with her. She is efficient and fast, and has had an intrinsic understanding of my value of the belongings we are dealing with."
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One of the things we are most proud of is our history of helping people decide what to do with the treasured possessions collected over a lifetime. Moving companies are just not equipped to deal with issues like this, and that’s why we are here to help. Compassion, understanding, and patience are our specialties.

Here is a partial list of our senior move and downsizing services

Sorting, rightsizing, and downsizing: When it comes to helping you or your loved one through the process of deciding what to do with valued possessions and family heirlooms, we have the experience, the compassion, and the patience to help you work all the way through this process.

Anyone can say they are passionate about helping with this – but in our case it really is true – and our customer references prove it.

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Move planning: We are happy to help choose a moving company for you, work to keep everything and everyone on schedule, and see the move through from start to finish. You can choose to have us take care of the whole thing or just parts of the move. It’s up to you.

Professional shipping, packing, and unpacking: As you may know, moving companies often use day labor for packing and unpacking. Sometimes this works out OK, but not always. As experienced Senior Move Managers, our people are professional packers, and realize and understand the importance of handling your possessions with great care.

Customized new-residence-floor plans: By taking photos and carefully measuring, we make sure that everything will fit in your new residence. We properly mark and index all boxes, which makes it easier for the movers to put everything in the right place at your new residence.

Aging in place: We can also help with installation of safety equipment (such as shower bars, etc.), and can make helpful suggestions for the placement of furniture, rugs, and other household items. And let’s not forget the need to downsize, rightsize, declutter, and decide what to do with possessions that may no longer be needed or wanted. Learn more about our aging in place services.

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We look forward to helping you or your loved one with any personal transitions.

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