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Downsizing Can Be Joyful

Admiration and appreciation comes from working with clients in transition. This means respecting those clients making smart decisions, and supporting those needing guidance. Rightsizing and downsizing can be overwhelming, especially for someone with a lifetime of cherished belongings. Family heirlooms and sentimental possessions are hard to part with.

I was very impressed by one of my clients who was preserving her Cuban heritage. She was having her Cuban mahogany chairs, which had been made by her father, repaired to look good as new. She kept her childhood books and various Cuban items to pass along to family. Gifting sentimental items to family and friends is a win all the way around, bringing joy to all.

Linda Dunn, Senior Move Manager


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Photographs and old movies are priceless and need to be preserved. Selecting memorable and favorite photographs and movies – and having them converted to a digital format – is a great idea. Taking those photos out of their bulky frames and scanning them is well worth the effort so they can be loaded into a digital frame for everyone to enjoy.

A move to a community with dining room meals offered, means that most kitchen items will no longer be needed. A place setting of four will allow for guests, snacks, or a private meal. Large pots and pans and appliances are great items to donate to charity. I am an advocate for charitable donations, and most organizations will provide pickup for contributions.

"I had never heard of a moving specialist before. I now know how blessed we are to have found you and truly feel that you are an angel on earth."
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Rightsizing your life, while moving to a smaller residence requires making smart decisions. It’s a golden opportunity to share with family, friends, and those in need – and DunnRite Transitions will make sure it all works out the way you want.

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