Downsizing and Rightsizing

Woman enjoying scrapbook after downsizing.

It seems that everyone is talking about downsizing and rightsizing these days.

And when it comes to helping you or your loved ones through the process of deciding what to do with valued possessions and family heirlooms, we are experts. At DunnRite Transitions, we have the experience, the compassion, and the patience to help you work all the way through this process.

Anyone can say they are passionate about helping with this – but in our case it really is true – and our customer references prove it.

With gentle and expert guidance, we stay with you from the beginning stages of planning your move or downsizing project, all the way to completion. It’s a fact that moving or downsizing can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. We know that – and we understand how disconcerting the stress and chaos can be – especially if things don’t go right.

Linda Dunn, Senior Move Manager


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We take great care with the possessions accumulated over a lifetime. We take the time to help decide the disposition and allocation of items no longer needed. Often these treasured items will go to family members, and sometimes items are sold or donated. Our experience goes a long way toward smoothing this part of the transition.

And all along the way, we keep you and your family members informed of everything that is going on.

My guardianship experiences, and now my years of experience as a Certified Senior Move Manager, have given me confidence that I can make a positive difference in the lives of people who may never have needed much help before, but who now find themselves needing more help than ever before.

My first client reinforced my passion through the process of downsizing and relocating. When moving day came, our work and planning paid off. Her prized Steinway grand piano was gently picked up and moved a thousand miles away with no problems. Boxes were labeled and indexed, and the movers used our floor plan as a guide for furniture placement.

"I am so happy with her. She is efficient and fast, and has had an intrinsic understanding of my value of the belongings we are dealing with."
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Most rewarding for me was the time we spent putting together an album of photographs taken during her lifetime as a concert pianist – a lovely tribute for her family to treasure always. My goal is to do whatever it takes for successful transitions that result in peace of mind and happiness for my clients.

Getting organized – downsizing and rightsizing – is not just about the “the stuff.”

With proper care, these major changes can result in a free and light feeling – as if a burden has been lifted – while honoring a lifetime of treasured memories and possessions.

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