Thoughts About Senior Moves, Downsizing, Rightsizing, Aging in Place, and More

Downsizing couple with computer.

Downsizing Can Be Joyful

Rightsizing your life, while moving to a smaller residence requires making smart decisions. It’s a golden opportunity to share with family, friends, and those in need…

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Service With Purpose

Service With Purpose

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has declared May 12-18, 2019 National Senior Move Managers Week. This year’s celebration underscores the dedication, compassion, commitment, and unique skills Senior Move Managers offer their clients and families…

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Celebrating joy while downsizing.

Joyous Inspiration

“Spark Joy” is a phrase I have been using with my clients to help them understand rightsizing. In my own rightsizing project, I started by donating a box of books to the local library, for a book sale. This freed up space in the cupboard for some items that have been stored in boxes on the floor…

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Toy houses for senior move manager.

Working Through Downsizing

When it comes to downsizing, it’s important to start early and start small – and it’s best to be proactive with your personal transition, making good decisions and feeling in control. A planned move is better than a crisis move, and we look forward to helping…

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Linda Dunn is a Senior Move Manager

Senior Move Manager Passion and Purpose

I help families preserve the legacies of their loved ones, and that gives me joy. My passion started with helping family. Both grandmothers and my dad aged gracefully in their own homes until a crisis happened. The transition began, not so gracefully, but I was there to help…

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Old photos and binoculars - downsizing.

What Does a Successful Senior Move Look Like?

Moving from a long-time family home can include deciding what to do with lots of memories, such as photos, movies, furniture, needlework, memorabilia, and more. We work gently with our clients to help with these decisions, and solve problems with options just right for…

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Toy house representing Senior Move Manager helping.

Senior Move Managers in the News

As Senior Move Managers and downsizing specialists, we know that downsizing can be an overwhelmingly difficult undertaking. But as a trusting relationship develops, the client comes to appreciate our objective and open-minded assistance, making the transition less stressful. We understand…

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Dunnrite Transitions helped a client who had a passion for quilts.

A Quilting Notebook

Not too long ago I finished a downsizing project for a senior client, a talented lady with a passion for quilting. She had a hard time parting with the items in her sewing room, so I got an idea. I asked if it would be OK for me to take some of her quilting magazines home, and put the patterns in a notebook…

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Happy retired couple after downsizing.

What’s Downsizing All About?

Downsizing, when done correctly, is better described as rightsizing, which means converting to a more optimum size. And this is often the first step in a relocation process. Options might start with passing family heirlooms down to younger generations, or…

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